May Minutes



May 7th, 2019


The Board of Trustees of the Town of Eckley, County of Yuma, and State of Colorado met in regular session at the Town Hall, Eckley, Colorado at the hour of 7:00 p.m.  Mayor Leerar presiding


Holden Ferguson -Here      Shawn Gruben-Here                              Jessie Vance - Here

Sharon Ferguson-Here            Tim Probasco-Here                             Bud Hagemeier -Here


Public Present: Lynn Hagemeier, Cheryl Rogers and Sheriff Todd Combs.


Motion was made by Trustee S Ferguson and seconded by Trustee Gruben to approve April 4th minutes with corrections.

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes           Tim Probasco-Yes                                Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried 6 for


Motion was made by Trustee S Ferguson and seconded by Trustee H Ferguson to approve April bills

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes         Tim Probasco-Yes                                 Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried 6 for


Sheriff report: Sheriff Tod Combs attended with the sheriff’s report. There was a question about the traffic accident on May 4th. Trustee Probasco asked about vin inspections, the Sheriffs Department does do vin inspections. There was also a question about the towed vehicle, Sheriff Combs explained that the vehicle had several issues and a driver with no insurance or driver’s license.


Public Comments: there was no public comment.


Wastewater: Element Engineering sent an update. The Town is working with the USDA   on finalizing the remaining items on the Letter of Conditions. Cheryl updated the Board on the information that the USDA needs. We have forwarded most of the information to the USDA and are still waiting for some of the documents. The corrected easement agreement for the White property will be sent to the county for recording and Element Engineering anticipate that they will be able to put the project out to bid in June and construction anticipated to start in August.

The State approved the plans for the water tower project needs assessment and the original application for the project needs Assessment should be delivered in the mail. Cheryl gave the Board a copy of the application.

Motion was made by Trustee S Ferguson and seconded by Trustee Hagemeier to approve the application for the Needs Assessment.

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes         Tim Probasco-Yes                                 Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried 6 for



Maintenance: Maintance person Lynn Hagemeier found the Town’s drag which will help with the road maintance. The second half of the Arsenic medium will have to be changed in the next couple of weeks. Water operator Claud Strait found the plant manual and sent it to the state to see if they would accept that as an SOP. The state wants a survey of the whole town for the lead and copper. The board told Lynn that the lead piping was removed when the Town did the upgrade on the water lines and built the water plant. Lynn will check with Claud about the need to check every house. The mower is not running Lynn will check the starter. There are 3 Court cases to be heard on Thursday May 9th. One is for a vicious dog which is in the pound, the pound charges will be tacked on to the owner’s water bill. The other two cases are for dog at large. The Board members informed Lynn that there are dogs running at the park in the mornings.


Fire Department: Trustee Hagemeier let the Town Clerk know that the Trustee Vance has copies of the training that the department has completed and will get it to the Town Hall later this week.



Landfill: The landfill will be getting a four thousand Needs Assessment for a Mill Levy increase from the state. They have hired a part time employee to dig a new pit, which will probably need to be lined. Mayor Leerar also reported for the Water Authority. The State of Nebraska will no longer let the Pioneer ditch in Nebraska be privately owned because some of the entities are in Colorado. The State of Nebraska gave several options so that the Town can keep their shares.


Community Center: Trustee S Ferguson reported that the Community Center hosted the Plains Telephone meeting in April and have had a couple of rentals so far in May. Mayor Leerar commented on the good job they did with the Plains Telephone meeting.


Recreation: The Recreation Committee has opened a checking account and the eighteen dollars and fifty one cents has been transferred from the General Account to the Recreation Checking account.


Financial: There were no questions on the financial reports. Town Clerk Cheryl informed the Board that the QuickBooks update was only $199.95 instead of  $289.95.


Old business: Employee handbooks the Board wanted the total paid allowances section to be removed and the carry over amount and time to use be updated to 20 hours or 1 week of vacation may be carried over to the next year and used by March of that year.

There will be a County truck here on Saturday the 11th to help with trash hauling. Lynn will use the tractor and volunteer for the project. They will meet at the Town Hall at 8:00 am. There are several people signed up.

The USDA wants the Town to set up a checking account for the construction/interim loan. Cheryl will look into what needs to be done to set up the account.

Town Clerk Cheryl called Yuma and Wray and inquired about their RV parks. Yuma doesn’t have any extra charges for RV parks, Wray has not gotten back to her. There is nothing about RV parks in the comprehensive plan and the ordinance would have to be changed or there would have to be a variance to allow an RV park in Town. The Board would need to see Chris Turvey’s plan such as site development, water and sewer, rules and possibly a development permit would be required. Town Clerk Cheryl will invite Chris Turvey to our next meeting to discuss the issue.

The Rocky Mountain Food Pantry distribution went well. There will not be one this month due to Memorial Day.


New Business: Tyler and Shawnee Shell wanted to know if their 2001 mobile home would be grandfathered in and could be moved to another site in town. The Board said the ordinance did not allow that.

The Board will be doing 4 interviews for Town Clerk position on Thursday May 9th and the other 4 applicants on Thursday May 16th. Wages for the position need to be in place before the interviews and each applicant needs to asked the same questions.

Trustee S Ferguson asked about the shot clinic for this year. Town Clerk Cheryl will get ahold of Pat Traphagan at Countryside veterinary clinic and set up a time and date.

Mayor Leerar asked about the Animal Planet show for our spay and neuter clinic. Cheryl will check on the date for the show to air.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:20.













Mike Leerar, Mayor



Cheryl Rogers Town Clerk