August 2019 Minutes




August 8th, 2019


The Board of Trustees of the Town of Eckley, County of Yuma, and State of Colorado met in regular session at the Town Hall, Eckley, Colorado at the hour of 7:00 p.m.  Mayor Leerar presiding


Holden Ferguson -Here      Shawn Gruben-Here                              Jessie Vance - Here

Sharon Ferguson-Here            Tim Probasco-Absent                          Bud Hagemeier -Here


Public Present: Lynn Hagemeier, Aileene Vance, Todd Sloan from Work Force, Deanna and Amber Pletcher, Mr. and Mrs. Jelneck, Christina Loudin, Alisa Newton, Robert Vance, and Steven Nichley.


Motion was made by Trustee S Ferguson and seconded by Trustee H Ferguson to approve July 2nd minutes with corrections.

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes           Tim Probasco- Absent                                 Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried 5 for 1 absent


Motion was made by Trustee S Ferguson and seconded by Trustee H Ferguson to approve April bills

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes         Tim Probasco-Absent                           Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried 5 for 1 absent


Sheriff report:   Sheriff Combs did not attend the meeting.


Public Comments:    Todd Sloan from Work Force gave a brief description of the work his company recently performed on the town’s sewer lines.  He explained that this cleaning was part of a 3-year service agreement.  He also explained that during this routine cleaning he was informed that the south life station was not working.  Upon a closer inspection, he found a large amount of grease and debris in the lift station.  The lift station was cleaned but he explained that although the system, is in good shape the lift station was not.  Todd also explained that as the number 48 manhole the line was plugged.  His crew was able to clear the line but found small pieces of filings from the pipe itself.  Trustee Vance asked if they knew where it came from or just how bad and Mr. Sloan explained that without putting a camera down, there was no real way to know.


Wastewater:   Lynn stated that the South Lift station needed new pumps.  That the station itself was crumbling.


Maintenance:  Lynn reported that the Lead and Copper in the drinking water was OK.  He stated that during recent back flow a union ruptured and sprayed water on one of the control boards.  This in turn burnt out a circuit board and shut down the plant.  He stated that the union was repaired and that the water plant was being ran manually.  He asked everyone to please conserve water.  He also reported the south well was not working.  Mayor Leerar suggested that Lynn call Interstate and ask them to come and look at the plant.  He also asked Town Clerk Vance if she had contacted Cirsa to report the problems.  She stated she had, and he reminded her to keep track of Lynn’s time.


Lynn also stated that he doesn’t have enough time to do everything and stated that he an Town Clerk Vance had discussed the possibility of having a second person to do the Code Enforcement for a percentage of the fines

Robert Vance addressed the board and stated that he would be interested in volunteering his time to do the code enforcement and Steven Nichley stated that he would be glad to volunteer some time to do some mowing and weed eating.  Mayor Leerar, asked the town clerk, to contact Circa and Pinnacol to see want coverage was in place for volunteers


Fire Department: No Report



Landfill: Mayor Leerar reported that there would not be a bond issue on the ballot next year for the landfill.



Community Center: No report


Recreation: No report


Financial: Mayor Leerar asked Town Clerk Vance if there was any news on the Property tax.


Old business:

 Tractor Supply Card.  Town Clerk Vance presented Mayor Leerar with a completed application for his approval and signature.


Fire Hydrant Bid

Town Clerk Vance presented the board with the only bid received for the repair.  Mayor Leerar asked if there were any question.  Hearing none, Trustee J Vance made a motion to accept the bid and Trustee Sharon Ferguson seconded it.

All in favor   5


New Business:


Noise and semi-trucks

  Christina Loudin addressed the board regarding the noise and truck traffic near her home.  She stated that semi-trucks are being started and allowed to run for extended periods of time in the early morning hours (3AM).  She stated that there was noise all night long coming from the property north of her.  She stated, that there was a large amount of garbage (including liquor bottles), trash and broken-down trucks everywhere.  She added that she had been cleaning up the trash and garbage, but she is tired of clean up after them.

Deanna Pletcher also stated that she almost hit another vehicle because a truck trailer was park on the road and was blocking her view.

The board was asked if there is a town ordinance regarding trucks and trailers.



Mr. and Mrs. Jelneck mentioned that they were approached by a black/white pit bull.  They stated that they felt fearful, but the dog did not come after them.


Alisa Newton reported that a dog had made its way under her fence and attacked her dog.  She stated that if the dog came back on her property, she would shoot it.


Amber Pletcher told the board about a recent incident she had with Inti’s dog.  She stated that she was in her mother’s yard.  She stated that Inti’s dog approached her and then began acting aggressive toward her and at one point it lunged at her. Her husband, thinking she had been bit pulled his gun.  At this point Inti and his brother came out and Inti’s brother tried to control the dog.  The dog broke loose and again charged Amber.  Again, Amber’s husband pulled his gun. 


Both Deanna and Amber Pletcher spoke of the incident Page had.  Apparently, Inti’s dog got into Page’s yard and attacked one of their dogs, a puppy.  The puppy sustained major injuries and has had several surgeries.  As of this meeting the vet bill is Approxamently$1,700.00.  Amber wanted to know why there wasn’t a ticket issued and asked if the dog in question had been picked up.


Lynn Hagmeier the code enforcement officer, stated that Inti had received a ticket and that he had been fined.  He also stated the Mike Gillette’s brown pit was gone.


Deanna and Amber Pletcher and Alisa Newton complained about the condition of the town’s roads asked the board what was being done.  Mayor Leerar stated that the problem was being addressed and asked the town clerk to called Yuma County Road and Bridge to request a load of gravel.


Mayor Leerar stated that he completely understood the problems that had been discussed and assured everyone that steps would be taken to resolve the problems.  Mayor Leerar asked the town clerk to contact Cheryl Rogers to get the name of the person who helps re home animals.


Pletcher building Permit.


Deanna Pletcher presented the board with a building permit.  She was wanting to move a building from her dad’s property to hers.  Trustee Gruben asked if the building was got to sit on the ground.  Deanna explained that the building would be about 3’ off the ground.  All trustees were in favor of issuing her permit.


Pletcher Carnival for Old Settler’s


Deanna Pletcher stated that she would like to set up a small carnival for the kids during Old Settlers.  She asked if a permit was needed.  Mayor Leerar stated that no permit would be necessary.


Spraying for Mosquitos


Mayor Leerar stated that spraying would begin the week of August 12th.


Shooting Range


Town Clerk Vance presented the board with information on obtaining a grant from the state to build a shooting range.  Mayor Leerar asked the town clerk to also get a quote on coverage for a shooting range from Cirsa.




Mayor Leerar asked the board if they had any problem with have volunteers for the Code Enforcement and for mowing and weed eating.  Hearing no objections, the board agreed to having the volunteers.


The meeting was closed, and all residents were asked to leave so that board could go into an executive meeting. Upon exiting the executive meeting, the board voted to award this years Community Award to the Giving Hands of Yuma County.



Mayor Mike Leerar



Town Clerk Aileene Vance