July 2019 minutes





July 2nd, 2019


The Board of Trustees of the Town of Eckley, County of Yuma, and State of Colorado met in regular session at the Town Hall, Eckley, Colorado at the hour of 7:00 p.m.  Mayor Leerar presiding


Holden Ferguson -Here      Shawn Gruben-Here                              Jessie Vance - Here

Sharon Ferguson-Here            Tim Probasco-Here                             Bud Hagemeier -Here


Public Present: Lynn Hagemeier, Aileene Vance, Christina Thompson and her husband Dustin, Edgar Rodriquez Mr. and Mrs. Jelneck and Sheriff Combs


Motion was made by Trustee J Vance and seconded by Trustee T Probasco to approve June 4th minutes with corrections.

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes           Tim Probasco-Yes                                Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried 6 for


A motion was made by Trustee J Vance and seconded by Trustee H Ferguson to approve June bills

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes         Tim Probasco-Yes                                 Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried 6 for


Sheriff report: Sheriff Todd Combs provided the board with a call report log.  The new report showed the calls that deputies responded to and also all sheriff related duties within the town.  Sheriff Combs stated that he was not happy with the report as far as detail was concerned, but stated that this was a new system and that he hoped the reports would be more detailed in the future.  Mayor Leerar thanked Sheriff Combs for his report.


Public Comments: there was no public comment.


Wastewater:  Element Engineering has provided the board with a letter outlining the status of the sewer project.



Maintenance: Lynn Hagemeier reported that the sewer line running under manhole 43 had been plugged and had caused a backup.  B J Wall had been called to clean the line.  It appears that a tree root had grown into the line.  The line was cleared.  After this report the boards discussed having Work Fore come out and clean the sewer lines.  This company has performed this work for the town in the past. Mayor Leerar asked Lynn to contact Work Force.

 Mayor Leerar also mentions that on hot days the pumps have a difficult time keeping up with the demand.  With people watering more it puts a strain on the water system during hot days.  Over the last weekend, the water level was at 4 ft. for a time, which sounded an alarm.  Beside the demand for water by residents, there were 5 fires in the general area that were fought by the town fire department which added extra demand for water.

 It was mention that maybe the town should request that resident’s water either in the early morning on in the evening or even over night when it is cooler.  It was also suggested the fire department use the raw water well instead of the treated water for fire control.  They could fill 2,000 gal in about 15 minutes.  There would have to be some hose adaption for them to fill from that well but it would ease the burden on the water plant.




Fire Department: Trustee J Vance reported that the fire department conducted Hydro test on the town’s fire hydrants.  The hydrant near the town hall is not usable at this time.  Several other hydrants are missing cap chains.  Mayor Leerar asked Town Clerk Vance, to get some bids to repair the hydrant near the town hall.  Jessie Vance also mentioned that the siren was no fully functional.



Landfill:  It was mention that there would be a ballot measure asking for permission to obtain a bid for a grant to help pay for a liner for the new pit.  It was also mention that the landfill is closed when the roads are muddy and also when the wind blows a more that 30mph.  There is no afterhours dumping allowed.



Community Center: No report


\Recreation: No report


Financial: Town Clerk Vance stated that there are still several residents who are very delinquent on their water bills.  She asked if she could have permission to bring small claims action against these residents to collect the money.  Mayor Leerar suggested that she talked to the attorney in regards to this and also stated that these accounts could be turned over for collections.  Mayor Leerar stated that he would have Jeannie Leerar help me with that.



Old business:


Jelneck Building permit   Mayor Leerar asked Mr. Jelneck if he did not realize that he needed to have the board’s approval before he started building.  Mr. Jelneck stated that he believed that when he paid the fee, he was then able to build.  Mayor Leerar stated that in the future all building permits must have board approval.  No fine was levied against Mr. Jelneck and his building permit was approved with Trustee S Gruben making the motion and Trustee S Ferguson 2nd.


Water Authority Board.


It was mention that the water authority board does not have a member from Colorado.  All member reside in Nebraska.


Ordinance for State Statue #16-4-113 (Misdemeanor Offenses/no bail


Mayor Leerar asked Town Clerk Vance to contact the Attorney about writing a resolution that states that the town has adopted the state law.



New Business:



Edgar Rodriquez addressed the board asking for permission to put an electric fence around his property.  Mayor Leerar asked why Mr. Rodriquez wanted to use and electric fence.  Mr. Rodriquez stated that he wanted to put a horse on that property.  The maintenance man was asked to inspect the property to make sure that the fence did not cross any alleys or sewer lines.  Mayor Leerar stated that no permit would be needed. 



Christine Thompson/Don Strick Animal Control and fence


Don Strick was not in attendance but Christine Thompson and her husband were.  The problem that exists is the cattle that Christine is keeping on her parent’s property.  Christine and her husband installed an electric fence on the perimeter of the property to contain 2 cows that they have there for weed control.  According to Mr. Strick the fence was outside the property line and interfered with his access to his property. 


Maintenance man Lynn Hagemeier stated that the property lines were in line with the YW poles.  Lynn has supplied a copy of the ordinance to Mr. Strick.  Dustin stated that the fence has been moved and it appears that all is well.  Since Christine had aired her feeling about the board on Facebook, Mayor Leerar asked her to apologize on Facebook for her remarks about the board.  She stated that she would.


Cirsa Training officer


Lynn reported that Cirsa would like the town to have a training officer and that the Mayor would need to appoint this Officer.  Mayor Leerar suggested that the position should be shared equally between Lynn and the town clerk, and made the appointment.  It was also reported that the town had 1 claim to Cirsa in the last year.  The claim was for a lighting strike at the well which damaged the motor.


Jeannie Leerar asked the town to renew her business license.  Mayor Leerar asked Vice Mayor Probasco to take over.  Vice Mayor Probasco asked if there were any comments or questions.  Hearing none, Trustee S Ferguson made a motion and Trustee J Vance 2nd it. The board vote in favor of renewing her business license.


Dog license


It was suggested that the town offer ½ year fees for dog license.  The board would like to have another clinic here and wants all dogs to have a rabies tag.  Town Clerk Vance said that to date she has been unable to find a vet who would be interesting in holding a clinic in town but she would continue to look



Tractor Supply Card.


 Town Clerk Vance asked the board if that would like to have a Tractor Supply card.  It would give the town one more business to contact when supplies were need and would allow for a credit feature.  Mayor Leerar stated that if the clerk would fill it out, he would sign it.  Trustee S Gruben made a motion and Trustee S Ferguson second.


All were in favor


Mrs. Jelneck asked the board if it might consider building a storm shelter.    Since many residents are not sure if or where such shelters are in town, should they be needed… Mrs. Jelneck was informed that if the need arises that the Community Church and the Community Center would be open.


Wording on Building Permit


Several board members stated that they thought the wording on the building permits should be changed.  They felt the 5x the original fee for renewal was excessive.  A vote was taken and there were 4 no’s and 3 yes.  The matter was tabled.




Mosquito  Spraying.


Mayor Leerar stated that the town would be spraying for Mosquito in the near future.  No date was given.



There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.













Mike Leerar, Mayor




Aileene Vance Town Clerk