October 2019 Minutes



October 1, 2019


The Board of Trustees of the Town of Eckley, County of Yuma, and State of Colorado met in regular session at the Town Hall, Eckley, Colorado at the hour of 7:00 p.m.  Mayor Leerar presiding

Holden Ferguson -Here      Shawn Gruben-Here                              Jessie Vance - Here

Sharon Ferguson-Here  Tim Probasco- Here                    Bud Hagemeier -Here

Public Present: Lynn Hagemeier, Aileene Vance, Mr. and Mrs. Jelneck, Robert Vance, Steven Nichley Larry Gilland Undersheriff, Jeannie Leerar, Sarah Korf, Duane Brown and Monica Rosenblatt via phone.

Motion was made by Trustee S Ferguson and seconded by Trustee T Probasco to approve September 3 minutes.

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes             Tim Probasco- Yes                                Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried

Motion was made by Trustee H Ferguson and seconded by Trustee J Vance to approve September bills.  Trustee J Vance questioned why the town is buying bleach from Fastenal and not Ace.

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes         Tim Probasco-Yes                           Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried

Sheriff report:   Undersheriff Gilland presented the town with a monthly report.  He also reported that there had been a series of robberies in the rural area west of Eckley.  He gave no other detail as this is an ongoing investigation.  Mayor Leerar asked Trustee J Probasco to take over while Mayor Leerar and Undersheriff Gilland stepped outside for a private conversation.

Public Comments: 

Duane Brown the Vice President of the Best Grant for Yuma schools bond addressed the board and the citizens in attendance.  He explained what the bond was and how if passed it would be used to improve the schools in the district.


 There were questions as to the sewer project ordinance and the small communities grant. Via phone Monica Rosenblatt explained the USDA loan was being pushed thru on an emergency need as the small communities’ grant would expire in April 2020.  She explained that the loan would close when the bidding was finalized and t the bid was awarded.  Barring no other problems, that should be early November.  Hearing no other questions, Trustee T Probasco made a motion to accept the bond Ordinance and Trustee S Ferguson 2nd it.

 A Roll call vote was taken as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes         Tim Probasco-Yes                           Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried


Lynn Hagemier reported that the most current test results. That both the lead and copper levels were below the state standards.  He also stated that he had been in contact EZ Irrigation in regard to adding more pipe to the south well.  He stated that the cost would be about $1,500.00 for 3 lengths of pipe.  Mayor Leerar asked Lynn to get a bid from EZ Irrigation for the work.  Lynn also stated that there were 2 trash cans that were damaged and also gave Trustee J Vance a warning about have town license for his dogs.

Fire Department:  Trustee B Hagemeier reported that the Fire Department would be have a Poker night December 7 at the Community Center


Landfill:  Mayor Leerar reported that the landfill had just completed their budget and that their revenues were up He also reported that the public would have be educated on the bond issue.

Community Center:  It was reported that there would be a Cajun Boil at the Community Center November 9th.  Jeannie Leerar presented the board with a special use permit for the Cajun Boil.  She also reported that the floor in the dining hall was damaged.  Jay Kramer had been asked to look at the floor and to present an estimate for the repairs but has not done so.  It was suggested that the flooring that is there now is the wrong type of flooring and needs to be replaced.  It was suggested that other flooring companies be contacted and that bids for the work be solicited   

Trustee S Ferguson made a motion to that and Trustee S Gruben 2nd it.

All were in favor.

Recreation:  Steven Nichley reported that he and Robert Vance had cleaned the playground area and had inspected the equipment.  He mentioned that there were some items, such as swings and the tire swing that needed to be repaired or replaced.  Mayor Leerar stated that some money from the Conservation Trust could be used.


Town Clerk A. Vance asked the board for the authorization to close the accounts at TBK bank and to open new accounts at the Bank of Colorado.  Since the bank of Colorado was willing to set up the new sewer account when TBK was not the Town clerk felt it was only right that all our banking should be done at the Bank of Colorado.

Trustee B Hagemeier made the motion and Trustee J Vance 2nd.

All were in favor.

Old business:

Fire Hydrant

Town Clerk Vance reported that the fire hydrant near town hall had been repaired.  Mayor Leerar stated that the water department in Wray was happy to help with a part that was needed for the repair.  Mayor Leerar asked the town clerk to send a note to the water department thanking them and James for their assistance.

New Business:   

Dog Impound Agreement.

Mayor Leerar stated that he had tried to respond to a recent letter that had been received by the town for the City of Yuma regarding the dog impound fee. To date he had not received any response.  He asked the town clerk to look into it more and to give a report at the next board meeting.

Blessing Box

Town Clerk Vance reported that she had been contacted by the Yuma FBLA regarding placing a Blessing box within the town.  The box would contain donated food and blankets and would be available to all the residents.  The FBLA would stock and maintain the box.  The box itself would be donated by them and would be maintained by them.  The also asked if there would be a building within the town that might work.  It was suggested that if they would be staffing the building that they could use the old fire hall.

Town hall office hours.

Town clerk Vance as the board permission to change the office hours to 9am to 12pm with her working till 1pm.  Trustee T Probasco asked if many residents came into the office before 9am. The town clerk said that there were none.  She also stated that have the extra hour in the afternoon, with no interruptions would be a big help with getting paperwork done.

Trustee B Hagemier made a motion and Trustee T Probasco 2nd it to change to office hours

All were in favor.

Mosquito Spraying Complaint.

Town Clerk Vance reported that she had received several complaints that residents were not notified of the recent spraying.  Mayor Leerar stated that it had been reported in the paper.

New fax machine.

Town Clerk Vance reported that the fax portion of the Brother all in one quit working.  That the fax modem could not be replaced and that there was no warranty on the machine.  She also presented the board with information on a replacement machine, which in the long run would save the town money on ink.  It was suggested that the old printer be sold.  Town clerk Vance stated she would place an add on Facebook.

After a short discussion Trustee J Vance made a motion for the purchase of the new machine and Trustee S Ferguson 2nd it.

All were in favor.

Cirsa Visit

Town Clerk Vance report that Cirsa would be making a property inspection on October 4th

With no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.



Mayor Mike Leerar



Town Clerk Aileene Vance