September 2019 Minutes




September 3, 2019


The Board of Trustees of the Town of Eckley, County of Yuma, and State of Colorado met in regular session at the Town Hall, Eckley, Colorado at the hour of 7:00 p.m.  Mayor Leerar presiding


Holden Ferguson -Here      Shawn Gruben-Here                              Jessie Vance - Here

Sharon Ferguson-Here            Tim Probasco- Here                Bud Hagemeier -Here


Public Present: Lynn Hagemeier, Aileene Vance, Mike Hagar and Courtney Husted from Element, Mr. and Mrs. Jelneck, Amber and Deanna Pletcher, Robert Vance, and Steven Nichley.


Motion was made by Trustee S Ferguson and seconded by Trustee B Hagemeier to approve August 8th minutes with corrections.

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes           Tim Probasco- Yes                                Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried


Motion was made by Trustee S Gruben and seconded by Trustee S Ferguson to approve August 19th minutes.

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes           Tim Probasco- Yes                                Bud Hagemeier-Yes



Motion was made by Trustee S Ferguson and seconded by Trustee T Probasco to approve August bills

 Roll call vote as follows:

Shawn Gruben-Yes             Holden Ferguson – Yes                        Jessie Vance - Yes

Sharon Ferguson-Yes         Tim Probasco-Yes                           Bud Hagemeier-Yes

Motion carried


Sheriff report:   Sheriff Combs did not attend the meeting.


Public Comments: 


Amber and Deana Pletcher addressed the board to say that they had completed their Building Permit.  Mayor Leerar thanked them for the information an asked the town clerk to place their permit in the completed file.





 Mike Hager and Courtney Husted from Element Engineering were present with an update on the Water Tower project and the wastewater project.  It was mentioned that the USDA has agreed to fund the entire wastewater project.  It was also mentioned that bidding would be open on 10/1 and that a pre-construction meeting could be held on 11/1, and completion should take 5 to 6 months.  It was also mentioned that an existing small communities grant of $600,000 needs to be spent first as it will expire in April of 2020  Mike Hager stated that this shouldn’t be a problem as once the bidding was closed, material could be purchased with this money and then stored on site.  He also stated that Element would be on site, during this process.





Water Tower Project


 Mike Hager and Courtney Husted from Element Engineering also presented information on the water storage project.  Because of violations found by the state within the water systems, the only alternative the town has is to de-Rate the existing pump and either rehab the water tower or replace the current tower.  Mike and Courtney offered several alternatives for repairing or replacing the tower.  If the tower was rehabbed it would add an additional $9.60 (approx.) to the current rate the town charges for water.  If the tower was replaced the cost could be $13.30 per tap.  Trustee B Hagemeier asked what the life expectancy of a new tower was and was told that it could be 70+ years.  Lynn Hagemeier asked what the depth of the south well was.   Both Mike and Courtney suggested that Alternative 3 which would replace the current tower and provide maximum day demand (100,000 gal) the cost 1,070,123.  Mayor Leerar stated that rehabbing the current tower was not a good idea.




 Lynn Hagemeier thanked Robert Vance and Steven Nichley for all their help mowing and road maintenances. He also reported the south well was not working.  Mayor Leerar suggested that Lynn call Interstate and ask them to come and look at the plant.  Trustee T Probasco asked what had happened to Intie Saenz dog. He asked if the Sheriff was going to put it down.  Mayor Leerar asked the town Clerk if she had been in contact with Road and Bridge about the gravel.  Town Clerk Vance stated that she had called several times and had been told that they would bring some.  Mayor Leerar told her to wait till the following week and call again.



Fire Department:


 Trustee J Vance reported that Old Settlers had done well.  Everyone agreed that the beef was very good.



Landfill:  No report.



Community Center:  It was reported that there would be a Cajun Boil at the Community Center in November




 Mayor Leerar asked who could be contacted about the camper that is still sitting near the Arena.  He stated that it was blocking the trash cans and it needed to be removed




Mayor Leerar asked Town Clerk Vance if there was any news on the Property tax.


Old business:


Fire Hydrant Update


Town Clerk Vance reported that she had been in contact with Steve at Action Hydrant and that he was waiting on parts and would contact her when they arrived.



Shooting Range


Mayor Leerar asked the town clerk if she had been in contact with Cirsa in regards to insurance for the shooting range.  Town Clerk Vance stated that she had and she presented the board with the information.  Trustee T Probasco suggested that the board think about putting in a clay pigeon range.





Mayor Leerar asked how the board felt about having volunteers to help Lynn with the mowing, road maintenance and code enforcement.  Town Clerk Vance stated that the town can offer the volunteers medical coverage for less than $10.00 year.  The program is offered by Cirsa and would cover any injuries sustained while they were engaged in work for the town.  Any property damage would be covered by Cirsa under the towns existing insurance.  Trustee J Vance suggested that the volunteers have yearly board approval.  The approval could be by email and also suggested that the volunteers be trained and how to use the town’s equipment.  Robert Vance asked if the code enforcement person would be able to use the town’s truck when doing code enforcement.  Robert Vance was asked if he still wanted to do the Code enforcement and Steven Nichley was asked if he still wanted to do the mowing.  Both men said that they were.  Robert Vance was informed that he was to treat everyone the same.  That no one was exempt from the ordinances and that he needed to enforce the truck parking permit and that no semi-trailers were to be parked on the streets.

Mayor Leerar asked if there was any more discussion.  Hearing none, he asked for a motion.  Sharon Ferguson made the motion and Tim Probasco second the motion. The motion carried.

All were in favor.


Mayor Leerar stated that the sprayer used for mosquito spraying was broken and as soon as it was repaired he would be spraying.



New Business:    none


With no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.




Mayor Mike Leerar



Town Clerk Aileene Vance