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Eckley Cemetery

Eckley Town Park

Community Center/gym

old fire station/bank

Old Creamery

Old Eckley Garage

Farm Land




What's New

Ground Breaking!  The Town of Eckley has completed it water improvement project.  We how have a new water tank and the pumps and the filtration system in the water plant have been updated.


The town holds it monthly board meeting on the first Tuesday of every month. 





JANUARY                         TUESDAY 2nd AT 7:00 PM

FEBRUARY                       TUESDAY 6th AT 7:00 PM

MARCH                            TUESDAY 5th AT 7:00 PM

APRIL                                WEDNESDAY 3RD AT 7:00 PM

MAY                                  TUESDAY 7TH AT 7:00 PM

JUNE                                 TUESDAY 4TH AT 7:00 PM

JULY                                 TUESDAY 2ND AT 7:00 PM

AUGUST                           TUESDAY 6TH AT 7:00 P

SEPTEMBER                     TUESDAY 3RD AT 7:00 PM

OCTOBER                         TUESDAY 1ST AT 7:00 PM

NOVEMBER                     WEDNESDAY 6TH AT 7:00 PM

DECEMBER                      TUESDAY 3RD AT 7:00 PM




All dates are subject to change


Community Center

Once the gymnasium for the Eckley High School, the Eckley Community Center, is available to rent for all special events.

It features a large hall, kitchen and a wooden gym area as well as A/C and heat.

When planning your next event, check out the Eckley Community Center.

Centrally located between Wray and Yuma.

Contact town hall at 970 359-22322

Volunteer Fire Department

The Town of Eckley is an all volunteer fire department.  Currently there are 21 active members  which includes a Chief, Assistant Chief, Captain, Lieutenant and a Secretary/ Treasure.